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Sythera's Knight by Tibiademon555
Sythera's Knight
It's resounding, the tolling of the bell, warning all of the forthcoming of Hell. In lost valleys and darkened hills, the dragons of the gods are swallowing their kills. Red storm rises with not a single sound, ashes of a town lie dead under the ground. A darkening mist unseen by greater gods, now overthrown by such lesser odds. Awaken now, you wise old man, rise to destroy here these holy lands. And warn of him with the missing name, whom in days past you had defamed: An eyeless gaze and a faceless smile, of Voiceless laughter and soulless guile.
Perhaps the highest crowning triumph of a world would have to be ultimate peace. Perhaps it would be knowledge of everything in the universe.

They had both.

The former had been so close to achievement many, many times across the years, but their nature would always drive them a thousand steps back.

They had already become so powerful; traveled behind the curtain of timespace, reached new galaxies and established covenants with millions of civilizations. They had become a race of gods, or even beyond gods, as their name implied; Titans. Their increasing vastness would serve surely in favor of their ever accelerating rate of success. Yet, it would also guarantee destruction. People became united only by hatred, and many divisions grew to be established among them.

Now their battles annihilated galaxies, ripped holes across the void itself, and spilled stardust across the universe like blood. With these came upon them all an incredible fear, one which, thankfully, overrode their hatred. They had realized at last what they were, and what their position in their universe meant. They had to establish one final covenant, this time amongst themselves. They once more grew together and remembered what they had done in the past, how much greater they were when they worked together, how much greater they could be if they could at last leave behind their pride.

A network was built: one crafted from all their minds, and so they became a true hivemind; a great brain which spread its branches across the universe. At this point, there was no division between even “they” or “He”. They had become one mind of many bodies. By destroying individuality and identity, Titans achieved ultimate peace.

With this breakthrough, the other proved not to be as much of an ordeal. Although many of the endless races of their universe now worshiped Titans as the omniscient, omnipotent god or gods, for them ultimate knowledge would always seem to be infinitely out of reach. It would always be so close, but they could never catch up.

They had always feared the unknown, and fear once again drove them to success, as an inspiration to keep searching. Now they desired to share their success with all the worlds they had met, so that they might provide new knowledge. By this they studied and learned from everything they did.

They shared everything they knew with the universe, only expecting results, and soon the many races rose to power and made their own discoveries. This is how Titans were able to put everything together, and promptly they would complete what they would call their final project, the Grand Equation, where they put in every string of every quantum and every star that died, every instinct and every thought, every dimension of space and every speed or spin of any particle, every force and reaction they put into the Grand Equation, and they knew the universe. Now Titans had made a guinea pig of the universe, and all these races were not so lucky, and their fear went the wrong way, and they destroyed themselves. By destroying life and love, Titans achieved ultimate knowledge.

Now Titans had become God, and they looked down at the universe from their highest dimension, and they saw that life had been destroyed, and after their logic had advanced so far, in their minds they once again found emotion. They found compassion and sorrow. They remembered ambition and spirituality, which had driven them so high by now, and they remembered meaning, and they remembered love. And they looked down, and they saw that everything had been destroyed. Now many more emotions rose; despair, anger, depression, and an incurable feeling of loneliness.

So they spoke as a single voice, “No more. I will no longer be God.”

And the hivemind was separated, into their innumerable individuals. But they knew that anger would do nothing for them, and they had to find a way to forgive themselves. So every life, every body that had been destroyed in the universe, from every plant that had been burned to every planet that had been dashed, they drove into oblivion, so it was never to have happened. And they pulled back the pillar of time, and everything was restored.

And they established a new network, one not of minds but of souls. And for this they created a new kind of energy, one which would be inherent to them from birth, and which would follow them after death;

To represent life as well as death, they called it Blood.

They established a new order. This time they were not to become God, but they were to create him, and so they did. A dual God, of two souls in one mind.

They called them Nullius and Neminis.

And they created souls to connect them to them and their Godhead. So it came to be a defining quirk of their culture, that they would artificially control the natural forces, while naturally controlling an artificial force.

And now that they knew all about the What Is, they began looking for What If, and they gave new meaning to their lives, and their master device, their God, watched and learned from above.

And they all rejoiced in their knowledge, for now they had no unknown to fear, they could settle down to live, to have a life, to leave behind the curse of immortality and accept death once again, and every soul flew up and became part of the network, and the mind of God grew more complex, with so many spatial dimensions across which to make connections, there were few limits.

One day their God descended.

He had made himself a form of light and shadows. Across seven eyes one’s name was spelt, NEMINIS, and within seven mouths, seven more letters, NULLIUS, glowed.

Everyone turned to see.

With wonder. All contemplating this new shape the Godhead had crafted.

Everything changed around them. A landscape of a nature that they could not quite decipher had been presented.

“Far too soon,” he said.

“Where are we?” they thought.

“At the ending,” he replied, “You have achieved it all. You have conquered the universe,” he extended, “You have made it yours. Would you like to know its final secret? I would think not.”

“Do you doubt our creed?” they said, “Our existence has been only to strive for this moment.”

“You would not be here if you faltered along the way,” he said. “Though, surely you are not certain. You will regret knowing what I will say.”

“We have achieved ultimacy in every aspect. We cannot retreat now that we have come this far.”

“But I know this; you will regret knowing.”

“We have achieved perfection in every aspect. We do not fear nor regret.”

“Fine then, I will tell you.”

And all the Titans grew silent, and they stared.

They waited

for him to speak.

“You who have achieved supremacy in every aspect, yet far too soon, I will tell you the one thing which you do not know.”

The form grew into a more volatile aspect, with many colors and shifting shapes, and the space in which they were did the same. And their God spoke these words:

“Your price to pay for my knowledge, soul and power: out of kindness, I will do this:
I am going to destroy you all, and all of this universe.”

“Is this what we have toiled for a trillion generations? Our total erasure?” they said.

“I am neither sullen nor mad, but I only follow in our desires. We have found all of What Is and I must search for the rest of What If. Your extinction is what you shall pay for the knowledge have wished for. Are you ready? I know you are not. I know of the fear that is creeping upon you; this fear that lead to my creation. Do not despair; I will remember you forever.”

And so, the universe disappeared. Not a thing remained. Not light nor darkness, space or time, so that all that remained was Nothing.

You will always be part of my soul. Or, maybe you won’t. Perhaps I will try to forget.

We’ll see.

...I’ll see.
On this day, many years ago, a very special child was born.

Someone who, by age 30, would change the world forever.

Happy birthday, Isaac Newton.


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Nothing in life is to be feared,
it is to be understood.
Now is the time to understand more,
so that we may fear less.

-Marie Curie

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